Chaos and Complexity

With this year’s Nobel Prize for physics going to three scientists working on climate science and complexity theory, there’s been renewed interest in complex systems and how our understanding of them can help guide how we positively impact the future.

I touch on both chaos and complexity in both Films from the Future and Future Rising, albeit somewhat lightly. And given the current interest, I though it might be interesting to post the relevant sections of the books here.


The Butterfly Effect

From Films from the Future, Chapter 2

Download the chapter excerpt here.



From Chapter 39 of Future Rising

Download the chapter here.



Re-reading the section on chaos theory from Films from the Future, I added this addendum to an article posted on Medium:

Looking back at my work, there’s always stuff I wish I’d included or written differently. In this case, it’s the absence of a nod to Ray Bradbury’s 1952 short story A Sound of Thunder.

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