As well as my books, I write about technology, society and the future for a number of personal and professional platforms. You can find links to many of these, but not all, below.

I also write an informal blog on technology innovation and the future of being human over on Substack.

My writing ranges from expert commentary on emerging issues, to exploring new ideas and making new connections. Across it all, I have a passion for making often-complex and impenetrable ideas and insights as clear, accessible and relevant to readers as possible.

Ironically, I nearly failed English in high school. I was far more comfortable with the science that I built my career around. And yet, as I’ve grown from my physics roots into a transdisciplinary scholar whose work cuts across the natural and social sciences as well as the arts and humanities, I’ve come to realize just how important effective communication is if we’re to work together toward building the future we aspire to. I began to write in earnest for a broad audience in 2007 for the NanoSafe initiative, and a year later launched the 2020 Science blog. This wrapped up just before we hit the year 2020, but since then I’ve continued to expand my public and popular writing.

Over the years, perhaps because I’ve been forced to overcompensate over the years for my early lack of ability, I’ve discovered I have a knack for writing in ways that make sense to readers from many different backgrounds.

On the other hand, it may also be because I’ve spent far too much time reading and being inspired by incredibly smart but decidedly non-academic writers!

A Sampling

I Asked ChatGPT to Develop a College Class About Itself

All Those Professors Warning About ChatGPT? My Class Is Their Worst Nightmare. (Slate)

What’s a Luddite?

The original Luddites were not anti-technology. Their argument was with how wealthy industrialists were robbing them of their way of life. (Gizmodo)

Why Soylent Green Got 2022 So Wrong

I should like the 1973 film Soylent Green — but as we reach the year it’s set in, I have some issues with it! (Slate)

Jurassic World and Responsible Innovation

Jurassic World: Dominion may fall short on the science, but it’s social commentary is worth heeding. (The Conversation)

Relationship Building with the Future

Ten ways we can build a better relationship with the future, from reveling in our cerativity to designing with humility (World Economic Forum)

Brain Machine Interfaces

Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain-machine interface will require innovative ways of thinking about risk. We mapped it out. (OneZero)

Tesla Bot

Elon Musk’s newly-announced Tesla Bot raises serious concerns – but probably not the ones you think. (The Conversation)

The Future of Meat?

Burgers grown in a lab are heading to your plate, but will you bite? Co-authored article. (Washington Post)

Entrepreneurs at the Movies

Sci-fi movies are the secret weapon that could help Silicon Valley grow up — as long as entrepreneurs realize that they need to rethink how they innovate for social good. (The Conversation)

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