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I regularly work with journalists on a range of topics, and sometimes they even cite me or invite me onto their podcast or show!

This is an extremely unreliable list of media mentions — it’s here as much as a resource for myself as for anyone else as I lose track way to fast of who I’ve spoken with and on what. It also doesn’t include posts to my Substack, Medium, or 2020 Science.

And if it looks somewhat sparse, it’s probably because the list is still being built out.


June 14, 2024: Waymo recalls fleet of 600 self-driving cars. 12 News [Link]

June 13, 2024: Rise of the nanomachines. New Yorker [Link]

June 3, 2024: An Arizona law regulating AI was crafted with the use of AI — which may be a first. KJZZ [Link]

May 17, 2024: Waymo is being investigated in Arizona for 8 driverless crashes. Here’s why a technology expert thinks they’re still safe. 12 News [Link]

May 6, 2024: A ‘hesitant’ and ‘confused’ car? Driverless car turns into oncoming traffic in the East Valley. 12 News [Link]

February 13, 2024: Tesla worker killed in fiery crash may be first ‘Full Self-Driving’ fatality. Washington Post [Link]

February 7, 2024: Opinion: Student’s Don’t Need Access to ChatGPT Enterprise. State Press [Link]

February 6, 2024: Charting ASU’s Future: Navigating OpenAI’s First Partnership in Higher Education. State Press [Link]

January 4, 2024: Professor argues for risk-innovation framework in responsible AI advancement. ASU News [Link]



December 15, 2023: Artificial Intelligence, Responsible Innovation, and the Future
of Humanity with Andrew Maynard. TechTrends [Link]

December 10, 2023: Why Tesla Autopilot shouldn’t be used in as many places as you think. Washington Post [Link]

November 29, 2023: Invasive Feral Cats Could Be Wiped Out Using Genetic Modification. Newsweek [Link]

November 16, 2023: ASU Professors and Students. Discuss How AI Could Affect the Democratic Process. The State Press [Link]

November 8, 2023: The Bridge between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence: How AI Could Exoerience Life. The State Press [Link]

October 20, 2023: Creatives with AI #22 Personalised Learning at Scale using AI with Andrew Maynard. Creatives with AI podcast [link]

October 10, 2023: The Rise of AI. Zombified podcast [link]

October 6, 2023: The final 11 seconds of a fatal Tesla Autopilot crash. Washington Post [link]

October 5, 2023: Nobel de chimie : les boîtes quantiques témoignent de notre capacité à bâtir la matière à l’échelle atomique. The Conversation (France) [link]

October 4, 2023: Quantum dots are part of a revolution in engineering atoms in useful ways – Nobel Prize for chemistry recognizes the power of nanotechnology. The Conversation [link]

October 2, 2023: Navigating the risks and benefits of AI: Lessons from nanotechnology on ensuring emerging technologies are safe as well as successful. The Conversation [link]

September 21, 2023: Course Stories, Season 4, Episode 2: The AI Whisperer: Faculty and Students on ChatGPT Dialogues. Ed Plus Course Stories podcast [link]

September 20, 2023: ASU faculty dive deep into the possibilities of AI-learning. ASU News [link]

September 19, 2023: Opinion: ASUs Guidelines for AI and ChatGPT are Helpful. State Press [link]

August 25, 2023: Some Americans are saying no to smart devices and embracing digital minimalism. Under the Radar with Callie Crossley. WGBH Boston [link]

July 31, 2023: Professors Craft Courses on ChatGPT With ChatGPT, Inside Higher Ed [link]

July 16, 2023: I Asked ChatGPT to Develop a College Class About Itself. Now, it’s teaching it. Slate [Link]

June 28, 2023: International report on emerging technologies highlights ASU’s role in supporting direction, development. ASU News [Link]

June 26, 2023: Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023. World Economic Forum [Link]

June 20, 2023: The future is at hand — with a slice of pizza in the other. ASU News [Link]

June 1, 2023: A new class at ASU will train students to use ChatGPT for work and school. KJZZ [Link]

May 12, 2023: What’s a Luddite? An expert on technology and society explains. The Conversation [Link]

May 3, 2023: Waymo says software glitch caused a driverless traffic jam in Phoenix last month. AZ Mirror [Link]

May 1, 2023: New ChatGPT course at ASU gives students a competitive edge. ASU News [Link]

April 24, 2023: Waymo explains why its self-driving cars stopped driving on Phoenix street. 12 News [Link]


March 17, 2023: Designing next-generation transportation systems. ASU Full Circle [Link]


November 17, 2022: Past is Prologue: What Soylent Green Got Wrong. Geography 2050 [Link]

November 1, 2021:  “Into the Metaverse” – an Interview with Professor Andrew Maynard. The Relentless Pursuit Podcast [Link]

October 10, 2022: RISK INNOVATION and the power of WONDER & AWE in innovation success. Center for Responsible Innovation podcast [Link]

August 15, 2022: Why Soylent Green Got 2022 So Wrong. Slate [Link]

July 4, 2022: 12 self-driving cars crashed in Arizona in the last year. 12 News [Link]

June 9, 2022: ‘Jurassic World’ scientists still haven’t learned that just because you can doesn’t mean you should – real-world genetic engineers can learn from the cautionary tale. The Conversation [Link]

May 20, 2022″ ‘Humans are not good at this’: Crash that killed Valley singer may have involved Tesla’s ‘autopilot.’ 12 News [Link]

April 27, 2022: Does a Musk-owned Twitter dim Tesla’s star? EE News [Link]

April 11, 2022: Did ‘Soylent Green’ get 2022 right? ASU News [Link]

February 12, 2022: Experts Alarmed by Videos of Tesla Full Self-Driving Totally Screwing Up. Futurisum [Link]

February 10, 2022: ‘Full Self-Driving’ clips show owners of Teslas fighting for control, and experts see deep flaws. Washington Post [Link]


Dece,ber 16, 2021: The metaverse could become a reality in the next few years. Horizon, Arizona PBS [Link]

November 23, 2021: ‘Future Rising’: How Technology Might Stop Humanity From Repeating Past Mistakes. KJZZ [Link]

October 2021: Artificial intelligence: Friend or foe for building a better future? Global Futures Futurecast [Link]


December 10, 202: 10 ways we can build a better relationship with the future. World Economic Forum [Link]

November 23, 2020: ‘Future Rising’: How technology might stop humanity from repeating past mistakes. KJZZ [Link]

October 20, 202: “Future Rising” By Andrew Maynard. WAMC [Link]


December 10, 2019: We Are Not Ready to Deal With Gene-Edited Athletes. Slate [Link]

November 1, 2019: The Many Ways Elon Musk’s Neuralink Could Go Wrong. OneZero [Link]

September 4, 2019: How to Ensure Our Digital Legacy Isn’t Lost to the Future. OneZero [Link]

July 23, 2019: Neuralink’s Technology Is Impressive. Is It Ethical? OneZero [Link]

July 23, 2019: When it comes to human and AI interfaces, ASU professor says ethical questions abound. ASU News [Link]

July 1, 2019: Collaborative Telepresence Could Render Distance (Relatively) Meaningless. Scientific American [Link]

April 15, 2019: Ethics Boards Won’t Save Big Tech. OneZero [Link]

March 1, 2019: The Forgotten Risk of Fitness Trackers. OneZero [Link]



December 30, 2018: It’s time for tech startups and their funders to take “orphan risks” seriously. LinkedIn [Link]

November 29, 2018: Sci-fi movies are the secret weapon that could help Silicon Valley grow up. World Economic Forum [Link]

November 21, 2018: The True Cost of Stain-Resistant Pants. Slate [Link]

November 16, 2018: The 1995 Anime “Ghost in the Shell” is more relevant than ever in today’s technologically complex society. BoingBoing [Link]

September 28, 2018: How Google Became an Architect of Reality. Slate [Link]

September 9, 2018: Burgers grown in a lab are heading to your plate. Will you bite? Washington Post [Link]

May 29, 2018: Nanotechnology: sifting the science from what Elon Musk calls ‘BS’. Australian Broadcasting Company [Link]

March 21, 2018: After Tempe fatality, self-driving car developers must engage with public now or risk rejection. The Conversation [Link]


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