When seen from the perspective of something that we can imagine, aspire to, and begin to design, the future reveals what exquisite and astonishing creatures we are. The fact that we can break away from the constraints of time’s arrow and create a tomorrow that is different from today is quite astounding.

Add to this our sense of justice and responsibility, our capacity to empathize with others, and our growing ability to map a course between what we know and what we imagine could be, and it becomes clear that we have the means to build a future that far exceeds the limitations of the present.

What hangs in the balance is whether we have the will to embrace this path forward.

From Future Rising: A Journey from the Past to the Edge of Tomorrow

Andrew Maynard is a scientist, author, and Professor of Advanced Technology Transitions at Arizona State University. He studies the future and how our actions influence it.

Latest book

Future Rising: A Journey from the Past, to the Edge of Tomorrow

This is is possibly the most personal and important book I’ve written

— Andrew Maynard

Future Rising takes readers on a journey that explores the nature of our relationship with the future, and our responsibility to it. It’s an admittedly eclectic journey, touching on everything from the physics of the universe to the nature of art, and ultimately to what it means to be human. But as we face an increasingly uncertain future, it’s an incredibly important one.

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