Much of what I do revolves around learning — whether it’s through my writing, my engagement on social media, informal learning resources such as Risk Bites on YouTube, or my more formal teaching as a professor.

I am a strong proponent of student-centric learning which puts student needs and aspirations at the core of what I teach, how I teach, and its relevance and impact. This extends to my more public facing activities where I take an audience-centric approach to my pub,licly available writing, resources etc. Here, I am a strong advocate for facilitating and enabling self-directed and curiosity driven learning that is independent of formal systems, institutions, and expectations, and that serves learners whoever they are, whatever their background, and wherever they are coming from.

Over the years I’ve pulled together a number of learning resources that span the formal to the informal — you’ll find a selection of these in the dropdown “Education” menu.


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