A few years ago I started producing a podcast with my good friend and colleague Heather Ross. That podcast — Future Out Loud — was definitely at the scrappier end of the spectrum, but it covered a range of topics around tech & society in a way that deeply resonated with listeners.

Since then I’ve fallen in love with the opportunities that podcasts open up, and most recently have been privileged to co-host the fabulous Mission: Interplanetary podcast with the amazing former astronaut Cady Coleman.

Hope you enjoy listening to them!


Mission: Interplanetary Podcast

A different slant on the future of humans in space

Former NASA astronaut Cady Coleman and I team up to discuss some of the biggest questions on the future of humans in space with leading experts, from the allure of Mars and space debris, to what it means to decolonize space.

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Future Rising

A Journey from the Past to the Edge of Tomorrow

Join scientist and author Andrew Maynard on a journey that starts with the big bang and ends with our responsibility to future generations. Future Rising is a series of short reflections from the book of the same name that, together, explore what the future is and how we’re connected to it.

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Future Out Loud

Fresh conversations on science, technology, and policy

Science, technology, and policy chat with Heather Ross and Andrew Maynard from the School for the Future of Innovation at Arizona State University. It’s a while since we wrapped up this series, but it’s definitely worth revisiting for the wide-ranging conversations and topics.

Available wherever you get your podcasts

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