Ethical Innovation

Films from the Future

The book Films from the Future uses science fiction movies to explore the often-complex dynamic between people, society, and cutting-edge science and technology.

Much of the book grapples with the question of what it means to develop powerful technologies in ways that are socially responsible and beneficial. And embedded within this are deep questions involving technology ethics.

The following topics are explored directly within the book, and are the perfect jumping-off point for using in classes that address tech ethics, in reading groups, or just for personal interest.

All page numbers are for the hardcover edition of the book.

Socially responsible innovation

Chapter 1, page 21

Art as a catalyst for ethical and responsible technology innovation

Chapter 1, page 25

The science and ethics of de-extinction

Chapter 2, page 31

The tension between “could” and “should in responsible and ethical innovation

Chapter 2, page 36

Power dynamics and responsible innovation

Chapter 2, page 43

Cloning, and the nature of what it means to be “human”

Chapter 3, page 56

Tech that’s “too valuable to fail”

Chapter 3, page 62

The science and ethics of predicting “bad behavior”

Chapter 4, page 68

Predicting criminal intent

Chapter 4, page 73

Machine learning and “predictive justice”

Chapter 4, page76

Big data and privacy

Chapter 4, page 78

The ethics of pharmaceutical-based self-enhancement

Chapter 5, page 85

“Smart drugs,” personal gain, and social responsibility

Chapter 5, page 96

The ethics of “privileged technologies”

Chapter 5, page 100

Our obsession with intelligence

Chapter 5, page 104

Technology and social inequity

Chapter 6, page 109

The ethics of 3D organ printing

Chapter 6, page 114

Technology innovation and workplace ethics

Chapter 6, page 118


Chapter 6, page 123

Body hacking

Chapter 7, page 134

The ethics of human augmentation

Chapter 7, page 136

Computer-brain interfaces

Chapter 7, page 141

Who owns your tech-augmented body?

Chapter 7, page 145

Technology, artificial intelligence and the nature of enlightenment

Chapter 8, page 153

The lure of permissionless innovation

Chapter 8, page 159

Hubris, and the ethics of innovation

Chapter 8, page 163

AI and Superintelligence

Chapter 8, page 168

Defining artificial intelligence

Chapter 8, page 171

AI and the ethics of heuristic manipulation

Chapter 8, page 174

Technological convergence and the “singularity”

Chapter 9, page 183

Neo-Luddism and tech innovation

Chapter 9, page 189

Technological terrorism

Chapter 9, page 193

The ethical and social pitfalls of exponential extrapolation

Chapter 9, page 199

Make-believe in the age of the singularity

Chapter 9, page 202

Myopically benevolent science

Chapter 10, page 218

Social inertia and the technological status quo

Chapter 10, page 223

Technology innovation and social engagement

Chapter 10, page 226

The ethics of gain of function and dual use research

Chapter 11, page 233

Immoral logic and the ethics of innovation

Chapter 11, page 237

Science and tech advocacy, and the honest broker

Chapter 11, page 241

Determining future techno-social pathways

Chapter 11, page 247

Technological innovation and environmental fragility

Chapter 12, page 254

The rise of the anthropocene

Chapter 12, page 259

Building social and technological resiliency

Chapter 12, page 261

The technology and ethics of geoengineering

Chapter 12, page 265

Science and belief

Chapter 13, page 276

Occam’s razor and socially responsible innovation

Chapter 13, page 279

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